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Working in my studio


I’ve had my studio set up in the spare room for a while now, but I’ve only really been using it for packing orders. Because of my RSI, I can’t do computer work at a desk, so I’ve always worked on my bed. But my bedroom is the coldest room in the house so I decided to try and move to my studio. With a footstool and all my pillows and supports, it actually seems to be working out fine so hopefully no more freezing fingers. Plus I actually have a commute now, all of twenty paces!

So let’s have a bit of a tour. It’s a small room and pretty dominated by my trusty old sofa bed, which is extremely comfortable both as a sofa and a bed. It’s pretty grubby now, but I have this colourful granny square blanket my mum found me, plus an abundance of plush toys masquerading as cushions.

New view - now working from the sofa in my studio.

Here’s my desk and pinboard, plus lots of drawers to store my supplies, and boxes to store my stock. I need some more storage in here and I definitely need to buy some nicer boxes instead of the piles of old shoeboxes I currently use. I purposely ruined them all with packing tape to force me into it once I moved. I’ve tried to put a lot of my crafty things in this room, including my cross stitch gifts from Claire, some things my sister made for me and my art and craft books. No art up yet, as I’m still deciding which rooms to hang them all in.


The windowsill has been nice to display all my tins and boxes, which are mostly full of buttons and badges and sewing supplies and printer ink. The one thing I cannot find after unpacking are my tins of pins and needles and bobbins. I’m sure they will turn up eventually but it’s getting very annoying. It’s also preventing me from making a new cover for that footstool.

The wall you’re not seeing basically just has a radiator and my bike, plus my new best friend, a laser printer! I love it so much. Also another secret electronic purchase I am looking forward to playing with.

So that’s my studio so far. All the furniture is IKEA by the way, but mostly discontinued.


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