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May 2014

  • Sales & Offers

    Weekend Wrap Up

    It’s been another busy week, and all my parcels have been arriving much more quickly than I expected so I’ve got lots to blog about soon. We also finally got a bit…

  • Japan

    Japan Links #17

    Japan Lover Me have a fun new series running just now of Only In Japan. So far we’ve got cute features on things like owl cafes, wine spas and the Cat and Rabbit islands.…

  • Ideas and Inspiration

    My Sticker Book

    Stickers are pretty much impossible for me to resist, especially in Japan. I built up quite a collection over the years, which I managed to whittle down a bit by using some…

  • Creative Work

    New Cookie Cute

    I’ve been promising a redesign of my Cookie Cute gift wrap since I sold the last sheets at Christmas, and I finally had time to work on it this weekend. I thought…

  • Home Sweet Home

    I Love Maps

    It’s no secret that I love maps (remember my Expedit decal project?). Having finally managed to track down some blu-tack in Helensburgh (seriously, why was this so hard?), I hung up two of…

  • Me Me Me

    Kookizu Drew Me!

    I remember Sarah from Kookizu introducing her work to me at Super Cute Kawaii a few years ago, and I’ve been a big fan ever since, from the early jewellery through to her current…