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I Love Maps


It’s no secret that I love maps (remember my Expedit decal project?). Having finally managed to track down some blu-tack in Helensburgh (seriously, why was this so hard?), I hung up two of my big maps while I think about where to put all my framed art. I’ve had the map above for ages – it’s Railroads of the Continental United States and has the best logo.


I’ve always wanted that on a t-shirt. The map itself is also quite useful as my knowledge of US geography is atrocious.


In the hall, I put up my 1950s map of the Pacific Ocean. I can look at this for hours – so many islands! I got this as part of a batch from eBay. Two of them were badly damaged and they were used for my old travel journals and book hearts. This one is in pretty good condition so it’s nice to have it up. This map isn’t too big so I might get it framed one day, but at least it’s out of direct sunlight in the hall.

map of the world

If you love maps too, I can highly highly recommend A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers. It’s an amazing atlas-sized book full of maps by illustrators from all over the world. It’s got everything from infograms to incredibly detailed hand-drawn maps and there are so many clever ideas and details. Everyone I’ve shown it to has been engrossed for ages.


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