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5 A Day Tote Bags On Demand


I’m down to my last 5 A Day tote bag, and I can’t really afford to get more made for a while, so I’ve made the design available on-demand. You can pick up a budget tote like the one above at Zazzle for just $9.95 (plus use the code INDEPENDENCE through the 4th of July for 17.76% off!). I’ve bought one of these totes before and while they’re not quite as nice or big as the ones in my shop, they are a lot cheaper.


You can buy the same design with a blue background from my Society6 shop, printed on these lovely double-sided handmade tote bags. And if you’re not in the market for a bag, the same characters are on a whole host of fun products, from t-shirts to pillows. Society6 have regular free shipping offers, so keep an eye out for those.


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