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A Book A Day All Done

A book I bought just because it was pretty.

I managed to post A Book A Day every day in June! I hope it was of some interest at least some of the time. I have a lot more respect for anyone who has done a monthly or daily photo project as it was much harder than I expected! There were quite a few times when I forgot until after 9pm – thank goodness for bright Summer evenings! I did plan a bit ahead, but only really in pulling out a few books at a time with themes in mind. I took almost every photo on the same day it was posted.

light case

I mentioned before that I wanted a photo project (rather than the written official Book A Day), but more specifically, it was to practice product photography because I knew my Light Case would be arriving around the end of June! I’m planning to take new photographs of all my products this Summer and the Light Case,  a flatpack frosted acrylic box for product photography, designed with smartphone users in mind, seems like the perfect solution.

A book about a country I've never visited.

After a month of wandering around my house looking for suitable props and backgrounds for my book photos, I feel much more confident both with finding interesting backgrounds and knowing where the good light is in my house, and at what times of day. I’ll have a full review of the Light Case up soon, but these are a few of my favourite book photos from the month. You can see them all on Instagram or Flickr, and I’ll be compiling them into a free zine soon, along with some longer descriptions.

A book with an awesome cover design. Good read too.

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