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Spoonflower Swatch Madness

spoonflower sampler

Seeing as it’s Free Shipping Day at Spoonflower, I made a big effort to finish off all my fabric designs in progress so I could order them all for checking. Spoonflower lets you bulk order swatches as a sampler, meaning you get them all on an uncut piece of fabric for a discount. Above is a screenshot of what I ordered, which includes new Cookie Cute fabrics and lots of different varieties of my sewing notions. I’m not convinced about all of these, but I’ll see how they look printed and make all the good ones available for sale. I filled in the gaps with a few colourful favourites for my sort-of quilt, which I am determined to get back to soon, now that I finally own an iron and ironing board again.

I also ordered some gift wrap, as that’s the only base I haven’t seen yet, and the shipping is generally prohibitive. I will be sure to share some pics when it all arrives!

Free Shipping Day ends about 2pm UK time so you can still order something if you’re quick!

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