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New! Paper-cut Notebooks

cookie cute notebook

Finally, I have some paper-cut products to show you! It’s been quite the process and I’m really glad to have something finished.

Happy Banana Paper-cut Notebook Happy Radish Paper-cut Notebook

These new notebooks come in three cute designs featuring my Cookie, Banana and Radish characters. Each character is created from layers of machine-cut coloured card for a lovely tactile effect and glued securely in place. These are large-sized notebooks, almost A4, with lined pages, cardboard covers and coloured spines.

Little Ghost Paper-cut Notebook

Also new are these smaller A6 notebooks with my Little Ghost! I couldn’t resist buying these black cardboard covered notebooks and they look so spooky wooky cute!

Cookie Cute Paper-cut Notebook

Look at those layers! I only have a few of each notebook at the moment so don’t hang about if you want one! They’re more time-consuming to make than I hoped (see my earlier post for proof…) so they’ll only be available in small batches. Check them all out in my shop – prices start at just £4!

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