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Spiral-Bound 5 Year Diaries for 2015

5 year diaries

It’s time! I’ve received all my diary samples for next year so the ordering can begin. The standard diaries will be available for pre-order in a few weeks, but first the spiral-bound editions. These are larger with plastic spiral binding so you can lay the pages flat.

Solar System 5 Year Diary

There are two versions this year – the Solar System design that will be on the standard diaries too, and last year’s Look Around design. Each has a page a day for 2015-2019. with space for 5 years of entries per day, and each month is decorated with one of my kawaii characters. There’s also an explanation/intro page and a profile page for each year to note your age, location, hobbies, favourite things and more. You’ll end up with a really great memory book to look back on.

Solar System 5 Year Diary

Spiral-bound diaries are available now on-demand from Lulu with affordable shipping options worldwide. I will also be selling the test copies at a discount once they’ve been displayed at a few craft fairs, but other than that I will NOT be selling the spiral-bound edition direct at any point – they’re just too bulky for me to ship and Lulu do a much better and cheaper job!

Solar System 5 Year Diaries

You can read more about the spiral-bound diaries in my shop or just buy one now from Lulu. Order by midnight Thursday and you can get free shipping with the code SMG14. If you’re after a standard 5 year diary, don’t forget you can sign up to be notified when they’re available (very soon!).

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