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Yay, got my kitty slippers thanks to @jijipunch! This is the postman's view now.

I haven’t been buying a whole lot lately, as I’ve been spending all my money on restock for Christmas and buying 10 different types of envelopes (oh, the excitement…). I really wanted these fluffy cat slippers I saw in Sainsburys but they didn’t have my size – luckily my sister found some and sent them up – yay! I love them so much, but my postman is going to think I’m even more crazy since this will be his view from now on. (Forgive my dusty doormat, but it does actually get used for its purpose and I wasn’t going to get the hoover out especially for this photo).


I wrote a post about kawaii gardening on Super Cute Kawaii recently, which was surprisingly popular, partly due to someone re-using these adorable Korean hand cream pots as planters. I couldn’t resist buying one and after much deliberation I picked what appears to be a squirrel and ordered from BeautyNetKorea. It’s much smaller than it looked in pictures, so not really that good for gardening, but it’s definitely helping cute up my bathroom. It also came with a bunch of free samples – the most adorable one is something I will never use (do I really need white hands?) but I also got some natural aloe vera and avocado moisturisers that I have been trying out. I would recommend the site – they do free shipping worldwide and have lots of cute brands.

I bought a tiny pumpkin! Making a Halloween shelf now.

And finally, I was in Waitrose at the weekend and they had tiny perfect pumpkins! I am still undecided whether to give it a face, but I’ve started making a little Halloween display.

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