5 Year Diary News

I look forward to taking this photo every year - 5 year diary spines!

I got my first batch of 5 Year Diaries and it’s always very pleasing to see all the spines stacked up like this! I will be sending out pre-orders from outside Europe today to make sure you definitely get them for Christmas and the rest will be shipped on or before December 1st as promised. Don’t forget that the Christmas pre-order for outside Europe ends this Sunday – if you want a diary for Christmas, this is your only guaranteed chance!

Those with UK & European addresses, and anyone happy with New Year or early January delivery, will be able to order from the next two batches, but really order as soon as you can in case of unexpected delays.

5 year diaries

I’ve also added the test copies of my diaries to the shop for immediate delivery. They include a spiral-bound Look Around edition and both editions of my Solar System design. They’ve all just been used for photos and display so big discounts for a perfect diary. Get them here!

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