A Day Out at Inver Cottage

My mini stall. Sold more things to a few people who had bought my stuff years ago - so nice!

Bit late on this, but I wanted to post a few photos from last weekend’s craft market at Inver Cottage. It was so nice to be back, and despite the hideous weather, I had a lovely time sitting in the cosy restaurant with my mini stall, surrounded by lovely things.

Swan fireplace

The nicest thing about Inver Cottage markets is that there’s a real community around there and the same friendly, chatty people turn up. One family told me they have a Jammie Dodger mug and then came back multiple times for a dig about in the badge tub!

I had this amazing fish pie for lunch.

This is certainly the first craft market where I’ve been able to have fish pie for lunch. This was so good!


Afterwards, we sat around the fire in the bar for a chat and some tea and cake. This might not look all that, but it was quite literally one of the best pieces of chocolate cake I’ve ever had.

Had a lovely day out at Inver Cottage despite the horrible weather!

Inver Cottage is closed for the season now, but if you ever get the chance, make sure you go!

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