Doodles and Do Not Bend

Who's got the best do not bend stickers? Me!

I got these new Do Not Bend stickers last week and they might be my favourite thing about packing orders now! They’re mostly for gift wrap orders, but I will be sticking one on anything remotely bendable if you order through my main shop.

A whole table of freshly-stamped envelopes ready for your stamp, brooch and badge orders. Loving the new guys!

It definitely pays to order from my main shop, Etsy or DaWanda as those always get some extra love. At the moment, that often includes cute packaging, free stickers, thank you cards and discount cards. I’ve got some super-cute Christmas stickers that I’ll start using soon too.


Ordering from my main shop gets an extra bonus too, as I have started doodling on the packing slips. None of my other shops have an easy way to bulk print packing slips (well, NOTHS do too, but I imagine they would disapprove of such frivolity) so you’re missing out there! It’s mostly been ghosts, but here’s a rather fat Cakeify. I’m still getting used to this amazing glitter pen.


It’s also quite likely that if you asked me to draw you something in the notes box when ordering, I would give it a go :)

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