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I’m glad so many people have downloaded my ghost garland – the photo above is Emma’s Autumnal display – so cute!

I have quite a few free things available, and I noticed recently that Fetch tracks my downloads, so here’s what’s been most popular.

Cookie Cute ornaments

Cookie Cute Decorations
These have been featured all over the place and are super-popular every Christmas. You’ve got plenty time to make a garland or decorations before December.

oddments 2 zine

Oddments #2 – Pumpkin on your Head
I am beyond delighted that my second most popular download is a silly zine I wrote about things I’ve worn on my head. You are all awesome.

oddments 3

Oddments #3 – What I Wore
Another free zine, this time collecting all my outfit drawings. I should perhaps update this with all the newer ones too.

angel bunny zine

Angel Bunny Gets Lost
A little comic about Angel Bunny that I made at a zine workshop. I’m still quite proud of this!

2014 calendar desktop wallpapers

2014 Desktop Wallpapers
I’ve been quite surprised at how popular these were. Maybe I will do some brand new ones for 2015.

Cute Christmas Gift Tags
People have been starting to download these again so there should be lots of cute gifts out there this Christmas!

There’s lots more too, and they’re all collected on my Free Downloads page so go nuts. And if you’ve enjoyed using any of them, I would really appreciate it if you left a review on the download’s product page so others can see that they’re worth downloading.

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