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Jewellery Display Board

jewellery display

Look at all my necklaces up on display! I had a brainwave at the weekend and put this together in about ten minutes. I’m still pretty impressed with myself. The wall above my chest of drawers has always looked empty and I realised my spare magnetic board would fit there perfectly and let me see all my cute jewellery.

I never used to be able to wear jewellery because of allergies, but maybe everyone is using better quality chains as it doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue any more. I still forget to wear them though, so hopefully this will help.


The magnetic whiteboard is from Staples – I bought two for Renegade last year, but I only use one on my normal size stall. I just poked a hole in the cardboard backing and hung it up with a small picture nail. The magnets I also made for Renegade (and I really must put them in my shop!) and are great for hanging everything up. My watermelon brooch is just attached with a blank magnet.

(And if you’re interested, L-R: stegosaurus by Mark Poulin, poker chip by Hannah Zakari, ice lolly by Kookizu, pink bunny whistle I got in Japan, crying bunny by Kuma Crafts, eclipse by dotpop, bunny ice cream by Claire Belton, bead bracelet from Hannah Zakari, ice cream from Kawaii Box.)

Hurray for quick free home projects!

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