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Make Your Own Cookie Cute Christmas Cards

printable gingerbread man card

Every year, I somehow manage to find the time to make my own personal Christmas cards for family and friends. I’ve been doing it for about 20 years now so it would be a pretty big deal if I stopped! This year’s cards are on their way and I’ll show you after Christmas, but I though I’d share the process and files from last year’s design if you’d like to make some.

Cookie Cute Cards

What you’ll need

  • A4 brown kraft paper (Paperchase do a nice pack)
  • A4 card (I used light blue here and cream last year, but any light colour is fine)
  • Glue dots (foam dots, double-sided tape or glue will work too)
  • Colour printer
  • Scissors

(You’ll notice I’ve changed the font for these. That’s because the font I used previously is only free for non-commercial use and so I can’t share it with you. Always check the font license if you make something to share or sell).

How to make the cards

1. Download the files.

2. Print card template on to your card. You get 4 per page. If you want them bigger, they will scale fine – just use your printers’ settings.

3. Print gingerbread cookies template on to your kraft paper. You get loads on a page and again you can scale them up if you want.

4. Cut out your cards and fold them. A paper cutter or guillotine will speed this up, as will a paper folder for neat creases.

5. Cut our your cookies. This is a bit fiddly, but start slow and you’ll get faster. If you’re really terrible at cutting. draw an oval shape around the cookies or buy a die cutter with a fancy shape.

Cookie Cute Cards

6.  Stick a glue dot or two on the back of a cookie and stick it to the card. I use glue dots because they lift the cookie off the card a little. Foam dots would do this too (but might make your card too thick for Letter postage). If you can’t find glue dots, double-sided tape or a glue stick will do the job. I just place my cookies by eye, but you could measure and add a dot or two in pencil to make sure it’s centred under the message.

7. Write your message inside and you’re done!

Cookie Cute Cards

These are small cards but fit nicely into brown wage envelopes (WHSmith sell them or look on Ebay – make sure they’re blank!). I stamped the corner with my Cookie stamp (buy one here!), but you could add a sticker or some glitter instead. The cookies are also a great size to stick on to gift tags or just to decorate your gift wrapping. Have fun and send me a photo if you use them!

Cookie Cute tags

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