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Magnetic meal planner pads are back in stock. Save £2 if you buy a shopping list pad too!

Meal Planner pads are back in stock after a small redesign and now feature a cabbage instead of an onigiri. There’s £2 off if you buy both to get organised.

Glad to have my banana brooches back in stock. It hasn't been the same without them.

Banana brooches are back too after quite a few weeks off. It hasn’t been the same without them.


5 A Day and Little Ghost cards sold well enough to become part of the permanent range, so they’re both back and part of my 2 cards for £3 offer.

5 a day tote bags

I’ve also ordered some more 5 A Day tote bags as a lot of people have been asking about them. I won’t have many so if you really want one, click that link and sign up to be notified and I’ll email you as soon as they arrive in a couple of weeks.

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