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Christmas Presents

Presents! Lots of bunnies and books :)

I mostly got money for my Japan Fund this Christmas, but that didn’t stop people giving me awesome gifts too. Above is my actual Christmas Day haul – my sister got me most of the cute things (including a Christmas Loppy, bunny planter and a pear from Lucy Sparrow’s felt corner shop).


I also got some books off my wishlist – Lucy Knisley’s travelogue An Age of License and A History of the World in Twelve Maps. I also got Northern Delights – A Guide to the Hidden Joys of the North of England on Boxing Day, so I have lots of good stuff to read.

Christmas part 3, thanks to @tinyotterpaws! Bunny pyjamas!

I just got Claire’s gifts last week, which contained the usual selection of intriguing edible things, along with bunny pyjamas and a long-wished-for mini embroidery hoop kit! I have too many ideas of what to stitch in it.

Closely followed by this lovely surprise gift from the folks at Etsy! Apparently it's tell Marceline she's awesome day :)

I also got some surprise gifts in the post. This pretty gold stamped print was from the Etsy Affiliates team and I framed it immediately. It’s such a nice sentiment, and will hopefully keep me going through those occasional bouts of ‘why do I bother?’ frustration.


And hark at me, as apparently I am such BFFs with Pusheen The Cat that she sent me a Knoshy food hamper and paw-signed card! I am dying to try everything, but I need to shift this cold first to fully appreciate them. I have had some tea and it is quite delightful, sort of lemony and woodsy.

I posted about a few more of my cutest gifts over at Super Cute Kawaii so go read that too.

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