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Hello 2015!


Well, surely 2015 can only get better, since I spent the first 2 days in my pyjamas and still haven’t fully moved on from coughing and feeling sleepy to proper meals and going outside. I didn’t do any resolutions/goals last year and I kind of missed it. It’s good to have a plan. So this is what I’m hoping to do this year.

Keep a blogging calendar
Now that I’m running SCK alone, blogging needs a bit more advance planning. I started this last year with Google Calendar and it’s been working really well so I plan to expand that to my own blog and start doing more regular monthly things. Obviously, getting ill over Christmas has ruined all my January blog plans but I will try and pick it up soon.

Plan for Japan!
I am definitely for definite going back to Japan soon. Hopefully this year, but the sensible part of my brain keeps telling me Spring 2016 has a lot more going for it, so that might be more likely. Either way, I plan to share more Japan stuff here as I plan my own trip, and maybe even get a new shopping guide or zine finished.

I have always been someone who knows exactly what item of clothing I need and then fails miserably to find it on the high street, so this year I am really going to try harder with dressmaking. It would be literally life changing!

Read all the books I own that I haven’t read
Because it’s just stupid owning books you don’t read. I’m going to make a list and read them all this year. THE END.

Get my PDFs back on sale
VATMOSS has caused me a bit of a headache and my digital files are all out of stock at the moment, but I’m not going to give up. I have lots of ideas for new zines and patterns so I’m going to find the best solution. I think I might already have one so hopefully this one can get ticked off the list very soon!

I have some others, but they are money, weather, time or Japan dependent so this will do for now.

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