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PDF Zines & Charts Are Back!


Well, that’s one of my 2015 goals ticked off. I did a lot of VATMOSS related reading over the holidays and the best option for me at the moment is to move my digital files to Payhip. They handle all the VAT stuff so I don’t have to worry about it, and it’s all super-easy to use at your end too.

One downside is that EU buyers will now have to pay VAT on top at whatever rate your country sets, but that will be the case with everyone’s files now. I’ve also had to raise my prices a little to cover some extra fees, but we’re still talking a mere £2 for zines.

On the upside, I’ve taken the opportunity to update some of my zines so there are shiny new editions of Kawaii Japan and Let’s Make Zines available. They’ve been tidied up and some new info added. If you’ve already bought the previous editions they’re not worth rebuying, but email me with some detail from your original order (order number or email address) and I’ll send you a free copy.

I’ve also updated the relevant product pages in my own shop, so you can browse as normal and then click through to buy. The free ones you can still download direct.

Hopefully some new stuff to come soon!

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