Snowflake Christmas Cards

snowflake christmas card

As promised, here are my personal Christmas cards that I sent out to friends and family. I was in a rush at the end and forgot to actually photograph one, but my mum sent me a pic so thankfully I don’t have to make another one.

Paper-cut Snowflakes

I knew I wanted to use my paper cutting machine, but it took a while to think of the best and easiest shape to cut, that wouldn’t require any fiddly layers. Unfortunately it was a lot more hassle than I expected as the first three types of card I tried to use were all miserable failures! So instead of pearlised card or metallic card, everyone just got plain old white card. They still turned out super cute though and I think this snowflake may turn up in my shop next Winter.

If you got one, I hope you liked it, and thanks everyone who already wrote to say so! I got lots of cute cards myself this year and it was a bit sad taking them all down.

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