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Jammie Dodger Through The Ages

I was thinking about how many versions of my Jammie Dodger card I have made and I thought it would be fun to do a trip down memory lane! I’ve even dug up the ancient photos so we can all laugh at how terrible they are.

Jammie Dodger card

This was the first Jammie Dodger card, from 2009. I printed these myself and trimmed the edges with a wavy blade on my paper trimmer. They came with a sticker and brown wage envelope.

felt card

They were pretty popular so the next year I did another version with felt hearts stuck on top. Was I mad?

Jammie Dodger card

After that, I wisely started getting the printed professionally. These were the first ones.

jammie dodger card

And here’s how they look now. Why have I not taken new photos since I moved? This one is still pretty bad.

Want to see some more?

Cakeify & Friends mug

I also used to hand-draw mugs. I quite enjoyed doing them, but the ink just doesn’t hold up to regular use. Still a pretty good photo that.

Jammie Dodger mug

I had mugs made professionally too, but they were expensive to order and a lot of hassle to post. Those yellow shelves – one of the only things I miss about my old flat.


You can still get mugs on-demand, and they are so much nicer!

Cakeify & Friends Felt Brooches

And one more, as I saw this photo of my gocco-printed felt brooches from ages ago. They were so cute, but such a nightmare to make.

Which Jammie Dodger brooch is your favourite - felt heart or painted heart? They're both in my shop!

Wooden brooches are much easier and still have that handmade touch.

Want some Jammie Dodger things? Get them all here.

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