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Forgot I ordered these new space mt tapes. So awesome!

The toughest part of Christmas gift shopping is not just buying loads of stuff for yourself, but sometimes it can be hard to resist. Here’s a few things I picked up pre- and post-Christmas, including these amazing new space-themed mt tapes from Little Happy Things on Etsy. How will I ever bear to use them?

My Momiji dolls have a new friend.

I haven’t had much charity shop luck lately, despite Helensburgh having tons of them, but this week has been great! I found this wooden kokeshi doll for £1 – she’s missing a bow or something on top but still cute, and she’s already making friends with my Momijis.

Just pushed this unit 4 blocks home from the charity shop. Now I can listen to records in my studio instead of carrying my laptop around.

There was also a record player unit in the same shop that I needed to have a think about. I decided I really did want it and luckily it was still there a few days later. I did have to push it home four blocks in a blizzard but it was worth it. I’ve barely used my record player since I moved and being able to put it in the studio with some of my favourite records will be much better. I might paint it sometime, as it’s a very orange wood.

Hard to resist a Rocket Dog sale!

I love a good Rocket Dog sale since they’re the only shoes I wear these days. These cute pink Japanese patterned trainers caught my eye so I snapped them up, even though they won’t be practical footwear for a while yet.


I didn’t end up buying anything from the Boden wishlist I posted, but instead got this jumper. I’m really glad I did, as it’s perfect. It’s just the right size and nicely cosy without being too warm and heavy. That little pop of yellow inside is such a nice touch too. I got the apple skirt before Christmas and it’s super comfy with pockets! I haven’t actually worn it that much though as the only warm pair of tights I own have fox heads all over them (a bargain from Primark), a combination that might be a bit much for Helensburgh.


I also picked up a couple of t-shirts in a Threadless sale, which turned out to be by the same designer. The t-shirts seem to be way better quality than they used to be and are holding up really well, so I might have to get some more. There’s a really cute fox pattern one too.


And finally, bunny socks! Well done M&S.

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