Road Trip To Edinburgh

Stopped at the Kelpies on the way to Edinburgh.

When my dad was here last week, we all went over to Edinburgh for the day. We took a detour via The Kelpies, which was definitely a good idea. They are so massive! You can walk right up to them and there are lots of good spots to take photos. It’s even free, though you can also pay for a guided tour and go inside as well.

The Kelpies The Kelpies

Grangemouth is not the most picturesque setting, but they’ve done a good job of making things nice – there’s a canal running through the site and some cute cabins selling snacks and gifts.


After that, we headed to Edinburgh and did park and ride on a tram! The tramlines have taken so long to build that it’s still almost shocking to see them finally up and running. I love a tram though so it was quite exciting. They’re really nice too – super quiet and pretty cheap. Look at that awful sky! It actually cleared up beautifully later.


I mostly pottered about my usual spots – having a look around Anthropologie and Paperchase, dropping stock off at Hannah Zakari and having a wander round the National Museum. I was going to go to the gaming exhibition but it was TEN POUNDS so I just looked at all the cool stuff in the pop-up shop instead.

Finally made it to Lovecrumbs for brownies. The sour cherry one was pretty awesome.

We also finally made it to Lovecrumbs. I’ve been hearing about their wardrobe of cake for years now and it was great to finally check it out. We shared two brownies – sour cherry and caramel – and they were both amazing. It was pretty packed and popular and all the cakes looked good so I will definitely be popping in again.

Tram photo borrowed from Jan :)

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