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March 2015

  • News

    Pick ‘n’ Mix

    As promised, I have updated my pick ‘n’ mix badges so you can now choose from all my new designs too. I had a fun time rummaging through my badge tub and…

  • Sales & Offers

    Weekend Wrap Up

    Nothing much to report this week – I’ve just been busy working away. I did get some good post including all these lovely balls of yarn from Clare, which means I can finally…

  • Creative Work, News

    New Things

    If you’ve been checking my shop, or my Instagram, you’ll have noticed some new things. The first is a totally redesigned Busy Bee Organiser. I ran out these late last year and…

  • Ask Me Anything

    A Guide To Selling On-Demand

    I’ve had a few questions about selling on-demand, so I’ve put together a couple of posts with what I’ve learned. First off, an introduction. What is on-demand selling? On-demand is similar to licensing, in…

  • Crafts, Home Sweet Home

    Sewing Storage

    You may remember I have a nook in my living room that is probably meant for a dining table (mine is in the bay window instead) but in the year I’ve lived…

  • Free Things!

    March Wallpapers

    I guess someone’s looking forward to Spring. I didn’t expect this to turn out quite so sunshiney, but it was very sunny morning when I made these. And yes, sunflowers are not…