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Sunflower Card for Mother’s Day

Now that she's opened it: paper cut sunflower card I made for my mum. Happy Mother's Day!

Coincidentally enough, Sunflowers are one of my mum’s favourite flowers so it was easy to decide what to make her for Mother’s Day. I got my Silhouette out and did some paper cutting and it turned out great!


My favourite thing about paper cutting is figuring out the best way to simplify the design and layer the colours. The sunflower is just made of 2 different yellow flower shapes, a brown circle with a face cut out of it and two green circle leaves, plus a long strip I cut by hand.

Sunflower paper cut close-up

I just used double-sided sticky tape to attach everything so that the petals would lift off the page at the edges.

Sunflower card Mt Fuji card

I might start making some paper cuts available for sale soon, but in the meantime, you can buy my new printed Sunflower card, along with Mt Fuji too!

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