Dandelyne Custom Portrait

dandelyne portrait

Surprise gifts are the best, but it’s such a trial not being able to talk about them! This amazing thing is a stitched portrait of me and my sister that we commissioned from Dandelyne for my mum’s birthday. It isn’t actually her birthday until later this week but we gave it to her early since we were visiting.

dandelyne sketch

Here’s a peek at the process before the stitching started. Even with this, and all the finished portraits she’s posted on Instagram, I was still astounded by how perfect the final thing turned out! She even got my Boden top down so exactly that I almost expected to find some bits had been snipped out of mine. We also got a sunflower added, as my mum’s favourite flower.

Dandelyne custom portrait of me and my sister

Needless to say, my mum loved it. Sadly for you, Sonia isn’t currently taking portrait commissions, but you can follow Dandelyne on Instagram to find out if she does, and buy her awesome mini hoops and kits on Etsy. I have a necklace kit from Christmas that I really must decide what to do with.

Big thanks to Sonia for all her hard work and amazing stitching skills!

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