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On-Demand News: Pens

zazzle pens

Zazzle just added ballpoint pens to their range so I have been busy adding my designs. I’ve sold Cakeify pens in my own shop for a few years and, while they’ve been popular, they’re really expensive to make, so I’m glad to have an alternative once mine sell out.

zazzle pens

The Zazzle pens are customisable so you can choose from 5 different accent colours and blue, black or red ink. They’re $5.25 each with discounts for bulk orders, plus look out for regular offers. Go have a look at all my pen designs.

I only have a few Cakeify pens left in my shop, and they’re on sale at just £1.50. They’re slightly better quality than the Zazzle pens with metal parts and a rubber grip.

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