Market Aftermath


So, I had a stall at one of the bigger markets here in Helensburgh at the weekend and it was basically a complete waste of a day. I didn’t even make £10! It was some comfort that everyone else was having a bad day too – nothing worse than watching everyone else rake it in while you sit ignored.

Making a last minute brooch display for my stall tomorrow. I have quite a gang now!

I’m tired of spending days sitting behind a stall bored out of my face and trying to rationalise the lack of customers with talk of weather and dates and not enough promotion, while watching orders roll in online. I haven’t been to a successful market since probably Renegade London 18 months ago, and while that was amazing, it cost us a fortune in train fares and hotels. There’s just nothing suitable for me any more. Glasgow is vintage-obsessed, Edinburgh’s are non-existent and the local markets just don’t have a big enough, and kawaii friendly, audience. There’s loads of great markets in London, and I could try anime and comic cons, but they’re so much more expensive and risky.

The sensible thing would be to give up on markets altogether, since I sell enough online not to need to, but I really enjoy doing markets and meeting people and making a nice stall display. I’m certainly going to give it a rest for a while though, so don’t expect to see me selling anywhere this year.

In the meantime, why not watch a little video of my stall.

Still 10 minutes until doors open so here’s a look at my stall :)

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