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Plush collection

I’ve been adding a few things to my home so here’s a little tour. My plush collection is getting a little out of hand, but I bought this adorable little picket fence window box from Tiger to keep them contained. It was plain old cheap wood but I painted it at the same time as my window seat and I love it. It’s great for my craft fair display too, but since I do so few of them, I like my display stuff to have a use in my home.

New plant

My dining table is very stark white, but tablecloths are a hassle so I was thinking of getting a table runner, and then I remembered my bunny tenugui that I got in Kiddyland on my first trip to Japan. It’s a small double-sided towel and fits in perfectly. Yes I need to iron it, but it’s way too hot for that.


I already shared my new kitchen unit briefly, but here’s a closer look (it’s Mulig from IKEA). I mainly needed something to put my microwave on, but I’ve been able to free up so much space elsewhere with the extra shelves. I might even use my rice cooker more now that it’s not stuck at the back of a cupboard.


I didn’t even realise it came with hooks for the side but they’re perfect for my sieve and colander, and I finally get to display the lovely lime potholders my mum crocheted for me.


My recipe books used to sit here, but now I have more space for all my lovely tins.


Nothing much new in my studio but doesn’t it look glorious in the evening sunshine? Claire blogged recently about being honest and showing your horrible messy workspace, but mine really does always look like this. I like to keep things tidy when I work. In fact, I barely moved a thing for any of the photos above. Having a big flat to myself is so much easier to keep tidy than a shared flat. BUT, things are not totally awesome…

Studio damp

… as this is the other side of my studio :(

Some roof tiles got damaged on the building next door and now my wall is covered in damp. It happened at the beginning of January and it is taking forever to dry out. I had to take down my pictures, move out all my colourful blankets and cushions and wait until it’s dry enough for them to fix and repaint. I’m really hoping that happens soon as I’m wasting so many lovely bright evenings for working in there.

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