Vote For Me! + Summer Postcard Club Update

what's in my bag repeat

The What’s In Your Bag fabric contest is open for voting at Spoonflower. I had a lot of fun putting together my entry and, while I don’t expect to win or anything as the fabric would be of no use to anyone but me, I would really appreciate your support. VOTE FOR ME HERE.

Also, big thanks to everyone who signed up for the Summer Postcard Club – there are lots of you and I’ll be emailing you all this weekend with some addresses to send postcards to, so hopefully your letterboxes will be filled with some fun mail soon. Is anyone else really over-excited about this?

If you don’t get an email by Monday, get in touch asap (hello AT I stupidly forgot to ask for email addresses in the form and a few people signed up before I signed up myself and noticed. I managed to hunt down your emails (mostly because I recognised you from past shop orders, aw), but they might be out of date. Yes, I am an idiot.

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