Crafty Projects Update

Starting to believe this will actually become a (slightly wonky) teddy bear! Only a few steps left.

I have been seriously lacking in craft motivation lately. I have piles of unfinished and unstarted projects that make me feel constantly guilty. Over at Super Cute Kawaii I was offered a plush kit to review (read my full review) and I thought I would give it a go and now I am having a MAKE ALL THE THINGS moment. I hope it lasts.

My finished teddy bear!

Look at my teddy bear! I was a little anxious about this project, since I hadn’t used my sewing machine for a while and I’ve never sewn a plush toy and it could be a very public disaster, but it was just the right level of challenge for me and turned out to be a lot of fun. I made some dumb mistakes and had to unpick bits and there are still some issues, but come on, it’s definitely a teddy bear. I don’t think sewing plush toys is going on my list of fun things to do, but I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Finally sewed up my curtain tie backs. They've just been pinned together for months.

Having the sewing machine set up meant that I finally got around to sewing my curtain tie backs together. Considering I use them twice a day, it’s ridiculous that they’ve been pinned together for months now. It’s just one piece of ribbon folded up into two loops with a little bow in the middle. Of course it took me all of five minutes to do and now I no longer stab my fingers every morning.

Curtain tie backs

I also pulled out a few kits and things I’ve had sitting around for ages (next on my list, Naoshi sand art!) and finally used the Dandelyne brooch kit Claire gifted me. I spent ages going through my fabric stash trying to find something that would match my adorable Aranzi Aronzo bunny applique. It turned out really cute in the end!

aranzi aronzo dandelyne brooch

Watch this space for more, hopefully!

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