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Summer Holiday Randomness

Me petting Peaches the Giant Rabbit at Christies in Fochabers

Just a few last photos to finish things off, because one of the major highlights was getting to pet a Giant Rabbit! This is Peaches who lives at Christies in Fochabers. I’ve seen her before in her cage, but we stopped there for lunch and afterwards she was out having a walk and we got to pet her for ages. She doesn’t look like that giant there, but she must be three times the size of a normal bunny. Here, have an amazing google image search.


Also exciting – getting to see the Smithpot windmill back in action. My Dutch Opa made this for our family and it hasn’t worked for 30 years, but my dad fixed it all up recently and put it out in the garden for us.


It was quite a lot of work, but you can hardly tell what’s been replaced since it’s all been repainted too. Here’s a video too.

Finally got the Smithpot windmill repaired and working again!

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And one useful thing. After I forgot Angel Bunny last holiday, I kept meaning to make a packing list that I can print out every time and save me writing notes to myself about chargers and that bottle of water in the fridge.

Someone got at my holiday packing list after remembering what happened last time.

I finally remembered to do it and it’s been so helpful. I just made it in Google Docs with two columns so I can tick off things once they’re packed. Obviously, I still have to add and remove things depending on where I’m going, but it’s a great place to start and I left lots of blank rows to write extra things in. I’m sure it will be a great help when my Japan trip gets closer.

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