Recent-ish Purchases


I haven’t done one of these for ages so we’re going alllll the way back to April when I got these on my birthday trip up north. I’d been eyeing up that Sagaform mug and tin set at Christmas and then found it on sale next time I was up. I love the pattern and that tin is the perfect size for cakes. The mug is a good size too, almost like a small bowl. And who can resist a rainbow striped glass? Not me.

Worth the extortionate customs fee.

Most recently, I just got a new case for my iPhone via eBay featuring my current kawaii obsession, Sumikko Gurashi (‘things in the corner’ – they’re all shy or discarded thing like a speck of dust and a weed and a polar bear). Usually I get one of my own designs, but I couldn’t decide on one and I liked the clear cases. Despite getting hit with a customs fee, it was totally worth it and I love it.

Might have bought some more stickers.

I cannot resist a cute ghost either and had to pick up these stickers, mainly because of that ice cube ghost, but there are so many amazing ones! The other stickers are a character called Capurimono, which I think is supposed to be doing cosplay, but generally looks like he is constantly having his head chewed on by other animals. I got them both from Sugar Hui.

Pleased with my new dress, another Boden gift voucher purchase on clearance. It has pockets and birds and I never usually wear brown.

Boden still keep sending me £10 gift vouchers (I just got another one!) so I have been picking up a few nice things, including this bird dress (sold out now, but other colours are still on sale). The thing I love most about Boden is that almost all their dresses and skirts have POCKETS. Also that no-one likes the crazy patterns so I get to buy them for cheap.


Case in point: these two purchases from the summer: a “tankini” top (which I didn’t even get to wear, damn you Scottish summer!) and a floaty top (it has some new designs now). If you are also a fan of colourful clothes, you should totally buy something from Boden and then stalk the clearance section with your deluge of gift vouchers.

I bought Animal Crossing washi tape for me and @jijipunch and then forgot to post about it. It's so cute!

I forgot all about this amazing Animal Crossing washi tape from Laughing Bear as I also bought some as a birthday present for my sister so I had to hide mine away in a drawer. I found it again this weekend and it’s so cute! What a world we live in.

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