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Sometimes I forget that not everyone has Instagram, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately that never made it into a blog post.

Check me out in BBC Good Food magazine! Typically, I only have 2 bags left but more are on their way.

My 5 A Day tote bag is in BBC Good Food magazine this month! It’s on the first page of a big foodie gifts feature as well so pretty exciting. I had to mock-up that product image in about ten minutes after I was phoned up. Panic Photoshopping is always fun.

GHOST HOSPITAL episode one. This poor guy had an accident on his journey to @juliezryan so she sent him back for surgery. He's feeling much better now. Have fun with your ghosts today :)

More Photoshop fun – I live for your amusement. This is GHOST HOSPITAL episode one where this poor guy had an accident on his journey to a customer so she sent him back for surgery. He’s feeling much better now. If you ever have an problems with your purchases do let me know as they’re usually fixable.

I've been cutting up more of my old spoonflower swatches for that quilt I'm supposedly making. It will certainly be colourful!

My Spoonflower swatches were piling up untidily, so I finally sat down and went through them all. I kept samples of all the base fabrics and some favourite designs for my swatch book and then chopped the rest up for my sort-of quilt. I am determined to get some sewing done before the Christmas tree takes over my dining/sewing table.

Grey morning at Loch Lomond Shores. At least the boats are colourful.

My dad came to visit recently and we went over to Loch Lomond Shores for a look around. It was not the greatest weather, but it still always looks pretty.

We had a potter about on the Maid of the Loch too.

We also had a look around the Maid of the Loch, one of the old paddle steamers that is being restored. It was a bit depressing as there’s so much work needed and only a volunteer group to do it. If you’re ever nearby you should pop in and have a look and leave a donation.

Brown and white coos

I have never seen a white Coo before. They very kindly posed for my photo so I didn’t even need to get out of the car.

Look at these cute little cakes we had for dessert at Riverhill. They were coconut/almond, salted caramel and a white/dark chocolate. So good.

We had dinner at the Riverhill Courtyard one night and it was really really good, even though we ordered a bit madly, being tired and not hugely hungry. We couldn’t even manage a proper dessert, but they picked us out these tiny cakes, which were perfect.

Today's view: it's like summer came back.

The weather here has not been great lately, but every now and again, something like this happens.

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