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Sister Advent

Sister Advent with @jijipunch begins! We got advent calendars today - yay for daily chocolate.

I’ve seen a few people on Instagram who do advent gifts (clickyoverload‘s is my favourite) and I thought it would be fun to do with my sister this year. Having a little gift to open every day would cheer up busy cold December, plus it would save us carrying gifts up north and back home again.


It has indeed been awesome fun – most of our gifts are just silly little things to keep costs (especially postage) down, but I really look forward to opening them every lunch time and taking a photo to share. For day 1 we bought ourselves chocolate advent calendars, which was a brilliant idea as not only do we get an extra chocolate gift each day, but otherwise I would never know what date it was.


It hasn’t all been Instagram-perfect though. I hadn’t quite grasped that 25 gifts is rather a lot of things to collect and post so it’s been more of a struggle than I imagined. I relied on a few things that didn’t pan out – eg. online orders taking longer to arrive and hardly anyone at the Etsy market having cheap stuff except cards.

Having my mum visit and all my usual Christmas order madness has also made it hard to find time for wrapping and posting and making things. I’ve had to send items that were meant for much later and there have been a few bunches of similar gifts because I wasn’t able to space them out. It’s supposed to be fun though, so I’m not letting it bother me too much.


I’m sending off the last package today and then we’ll be able to do the 22nd-25th in person. I would definitely recommend it, though if you can club together with a couple more friends and take it in turns, that might be less stressful! I would still do it again, but I would start planning a bit earlier.

Anyway, you can see all the gifts so far on Instagram: Me | Nicolette. All the above are gifts I received and below are a few I sent.


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