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Japan Recap: Day 11 & 12

I’m posting quick recaps from my Japan holiday on Mondays and Fridays to collect all the links to my highlight lists and full daily photos. More in depth posts to come!

Umeda Sky Building view

Day 11

It was nice to be back in Osaka and I tried to see all the sights we never had time for on our previous trip. That included enjoying the view from Umeda Sky Building, a quick look at Osaka Castle and checking out Kiddyland (way bigger than the Tokyo store!). I also had lunch at the Pom Pom Purin Cafe, which was completely adorable.

pom pom purin cafe


DAY 12

One of the many cool things about Osaka is that it’s just 15 minutes away from Kyoto on the Shinkansen. I had a day trip to Arashiyama, famous for its bamboo grove and what seems like hundreds of different temples and gardens. It was far too hot for me, and extremely crowded, but I really enjoyed what I saw and the highlight was undoubtably the open air scenic railway.

Sagano Scenic Railway

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