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Japan Recap: Day 9 & 10

I’m posting quick recaps from my Japan holiday on Mondays and Fridays to collect all the links to my highlight lists and full daily photos. More in depth posts to come!

A-Bomb Dome

Day 9

I got on my first Shinkansen of the trip and went all the way to Hiroshima. I planned to stop at Kobe and visit the herb garden but sadly that wasn’t possible due to all the coin lockers being closed. It did give me more time to spend in the Peace Park and Memorial Museum, which were very affecting and horrifying. If you get the chance, you should certainly go. I did manage a little bit of kawaii shopping too.

Cat shop, Hiroshima


DAY 10

A busy day as I took a train and ferry to Miyajima and then took the shinkansen over to Osaka. I really loved Miyajima! I thought it might be really crowded and touristy, but it was actually very spread out and there were so many beautiful things to see. The highlight was definitely taking two cable cars way way up high to the top of Mt Misen. Such incredible views.

View from the top of Mt Misen

Half way through!

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