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Custom Necklaces & Brooches

Sometimes people ask if I can make something custom for them and quite often I can. Two people had really fun ideas recently that turned out so great that I’m making them available to everyone.


Whenever I ask what products you’d like to see me make, jewellery comes up a lot. It’s unlikely to happen as I don’t want to expand into such a competitive area, especially since I don’t wear jewellery myself. However, I was asked if my Bread Slice brooch could be made into a necklace and it turns out that it can, and it looks adorable!

The pendant attachment fits on all my wooden characters so I’ve added a necklace option to my shops, for the same price as a brooch.

apple brooch

I was also asked to make an apple brooch for Karen who sent me this adorable photo – best fruit friends! I think I’m going to have to add some to my next laser cutting order.

If you ever have any ideas for a custom product, get in touch! It might just be possible.

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