Finished Pincushion


Look, I finished my bunny pincushion! It turned out really cute. It was a much quicker make than I expected and only took me a few days of TV stitching. I love the colours and look forward to sticking my pins in it.

Bunny pincushion

I’m still not a huge fan of cross stitch but it is really fast and easy. This is only the fourth thing I have cross stitched and I barely made any mistakes. I’d never made a biscornu either and didn’t really understand how it would work but it all made perfect sense as I followed the instructions. Which were all in Japanese and yet so well diagrammed that I never had the slightest issue. You can see my stitches don’t quite match at the corners though – I think I must have started one stitch too early or late when joining them together.

Bunny pincushion

Being an annoying perfectionist, I do have a few issues with the pattern. I don’t like how the bunnies’ ears touch the flowers and they would look cuter with tails. The centre stitching on the bottom is also completely hidden by the button so that was a complete waste of time. It’s also a bit too plain, even if it is the bottom. There’s plenty thread left so I might buy more aida and make another one some time. The needle provided was also far too short to stitch on the button but I had plenty other sizes on hand.

My pincushion is coming along! I'm leaving the bunnies until last

Overall, I definitely recommend this kit for any level of cross stitcher. Your problem will be tracking one down – I can’t find them anywhere online. If you’re visiting Japan, I got mine at Yuzawaya and the brand is Lecien Cosmo. I wish my sashiko kit would hurry up and arrive. My stitching fingers are getting restless.

Bunny pincushion kit from Yuzawaya

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