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May & June Round Up

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Lots to catch up on! I’m also moving these monthly posts to the beginning of the next month because I write my books and TV lists on now.

Fave 5 from the blog

New stuff in my shop highlights

Links I loved

  • Claire closed down The Bellwether while I was away and wrote two excellent posts on her blog, one about why she made the decision and one about how to supporting your fave indie businesses while they’re around. Read them!
  • I already wanted Andrea Lauren’s printmaking book but after watching this series of printing videos I want it even more.
  • Twinkie Chan shared the first sketches of the projects in her latest crochet book. I love seeing process stuff like this – I should share more.
  • There’s a milk carton house in Hiroshima and it’s amazing.
  • Very much enjoying the Binge & Purge feature on the AV Club where one guy is trying to get rid of 1000 CDs from his collection.
  • I finally understand what funnel cake is, thanks to Smitten Kitchen

I also saved a ton of Japan links and will blog those another time.

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