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I haven’t been buying that many zines this year but I picked up some great ones over the last few weeks.

Japan zines by Jonathan E

I came across Jonathan Edwards‘ art on Tumblr while I was in Japan and really loved it. He has such an interesting watercolour style and a lot of places are instantly recognisable to me. I picked up his sketchbook zines when I got back and they’re so nice to look through.


You can buy them from his shop along with prints and more.


I first met Emma at my zine workshop so it’s great that she’s still making zines. This is a PDF zine about her first trip to Japan on a guided tour ten years ago. My first trip was pretty similar and a couple of months earlier so it was really fun to read. It’s a total bargain at £1.80 so go download a copy from Emma’s Etsy shop.

Excellent lunchtime reading c/o @neilslorance

Neil also came to my zine workshop and it’s been amazing watching him grow into a local celebrity for Dungeon Fun, Doctor Who and his political cartoons. It’s been a while since he published a personal zine (his travel zines are all great) so I ordered this immediately. It’s a nice little collection of comics about tortoises, dating and games and it’s cool to see him trying out different styles and page layouts. I hope he does more soon. Get it from Etsy.

Bought any good zines lately? I think I need to put aside a zine budget and go shopping soon.

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