Enamel Pin Frame

Started putting my enamel pins into a frame so I have a good reason to buy more and fill up the rest of the space! Most were bought on my Japan trips.

You might remember ages ago when I made a frame for some of my favourite badges & pins. I bought a couple of new enamel pins in Japan and decided to change things up and just display my pins instead. Enamel pins are having a bit of a moment, so I’d thought I’d share in case you’re wondering how to display yours.

Enamel pin display frame

The frame is just a cheap one that I actually got off Claire in one of her clearouts. The original set up was a bit of a mess now so I cut a piece of corrugated cardboard and a couple of pieces of felt using the glass as a template and put them in the frame. I left the glass out as it looks nicer. I then got all my pins out and started in the middle with my two favourites (a ghost from Alexandra Cook and Mochi Usagi) and then worked my way out.

enamel pins

As you can see, I still have quite a lot of space to fill so now I have an excuse to buy more! Here’s some that are on my wishlist. You can get the makers/links and see more on my Pinterest board.


Is this a hint that I am making enamel pins of my own? YES! Quite a few people have asked and it’s been on my list for a very long time, so I decided to go ahead. They arrived last week and look amazing and will be available both as part of my surprise box and separately. Look out for that next week!

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