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10 Years of MOO


Last week, I received two surprise packages from MOO marking their 10 year anniversary (and my Cake-iversary! It turns out that I was one of their first customers and have ordered every year since. I had no idea.

moo cards

I had a look on Flickr and here’s my first order! What an atrocious photo. According to the caption, I got them free via a Flickr offer and then ordered more. I remember swapping these with everyone back in those days.

MOO aren’t the cheapest or quickest printers so I don’t use them for a lot of my products any more but I keep going back because of three things:


The stickers! There’s something so enjoyable about MOO’s Sticker Books and you all love these stickers so much that I had to start selling them and making more and more – look at them all! This is the #1 MOO product for me and why I’ve been ordering every year.

Japan trip postcards

Printfinity! MOO’s USP as no-one else really does this. You can order 100 business cards with 100 different designs or a pack of 50 greeting cards for 5 different occasions. Most printers will expect you to order at least 50 of each design so MOO are perfect for testing out new ideas and making limited editions, like the Japan postcards I included in my surprise boxes.

Surprise parcel from Moo

It’s fun! Who else puts big YAY stickers on your order and packages every product like it’s a special gift to yourself? Not any of my other printers.

Notebook from Moo

I love it when businesses do things like this, and not just because I love free cake and stationery. I’m very loyal to good service but often that goes unrewarded while new customers get all the offers and attention. For MOO to notice something that I didn’t even know myself and send me such nice gifts was super nice and will keep me ordering in future. Plus those cupcakes were really good.

I wrote about this on with lots more photos so go have a read: This is how you reward customer loyalty. I think it made a few new MOO fans too, judging by all the comments!

Happy birthday MOO!

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