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Inside My Kawaii Japan Surprise Box

surprise box

If you didn’t buy one of my Kawaii Japan Surprise Boxes then here’s a look at what you missed, and which of the contents you can still get your hands on, plus a chance to win one! If you haven’t received yours yet then LOOK AWAY (and also email me, because it should really have arrived by now).

Surprise Box contents

Here’s what you should have seen when opening the lid, though it probably all got shoogled about in the mail. The mini zine included details of the contents and an A-Z of my most recent Japan trip that won’t be reprinted anywhere.

Surprise Box contents

And here’s all the contents laid out neatly. A few items had multiple designs so it could have been slightly different.

Onigiri notelets

These Onigiri notelets were my favourite thing, even though I had to cut 150 of them by hand. I plan to make these available as a printable soon so you can make your own.

Mt Fuji notebook

You’ll have seen my Colourful Ghosts & Ice Cream Cones pocket notebooks but box buyers got a special Mt Fuji design. I’m keeping the extras for myself as they fit perfectly in my handbag.

Kawaii Japan stickers

Everyone loves stickers and these sticker sheets feature all my Japan characters. I have some left over so they’re available in my shop.

polymer stamps

The Surprise Box is what initiated the new smaller polymer stamp design as I really wanted to include one. They turned out so cute and each box contained either Mt Fuji or Onigiri. They’re both in my shops now.

Japan trip postcards

For a personal touch, I had some of my favourite photos from my 2016 Japan trip made into postcards. There were lots of different ones, so I hope you liked the one you got.

Surprise Box packing

Also included were my Mt Fuji enamel pin, Sakura badge, Kokeshi mini cards and a set of temporary tattoos. I really enjoyed making these boxes so there will definitely be more in future with different themes.

surprise box giveaway

If you liked your box, I’d be super grateful if you left a review or shared a photo on Instagram with the tag #askingfortroublesurprisebox. And if you’re kicking yourself for not getting one, head over to Super Cute Kawaii where we’ll be giving away one last box!

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