Ghost Brooch Update

I’ve had a lot of questions about my ghosts lately so here’s the news.

glow in the dark ghosts

Glow in the dark Ghost brooches are now back in stock, if you need a friend for Halloween. There are also plenty standard white Ghosts, but Cotton Candy is now sold out forever.

Squeezed some ghosts in amongst the snowflakes. Look out for some glittery and sparkly ghosts soon

Having said that, my laser cutters now let me set up my own files (hence all the prettily organised ghost photos) so I have been squeezing a few ghosts in between my snowflakes. That means there will very limited amounts of glittery and sparkly ghosts in the run up to Christmas and other possibilities in future.

little ghost enamel pins

I may also be getting my enamel pins back soon and if so I will have a few good ones and a lot of slightly smudged ones that I will sell off cheap.

If you want to get your hands on any of these, you should follow me on Instagram or Twitter. I will try and give you 24 hours notice before I put things up for sale, but it’s unlikely that I will also be able to blog about it every time.

(Snowflakes will be available in a few weeks)

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