Ghost Sale!

As previously mentioned, my Little Ghost enamel pins had a lot of issues and sadly had to be returned for a refund. The manufacturers kindly let me buy it all back to save the pins from landfill so I’m putting them up for sale tomorrow at bargain prices!

little ghost enamel pins

There are a handful of perfect ones, so they’ll be available at the usual price of £7.

The rest I have split into two tiers of ‘minor flaws’ and ‘noticeable flaws’ (or OK and NO as my notes say!). The first lot have light smudges or scratches that are only visible up close and don’t really show in photographs and can be yours for £3.

Flawed ghosts

The rest (and there are a lot) have darker smudges, spots of missing enamel or other flaws that are noticeable, but mostly just look like the ghosts have been in a fight! They would still be a cute addition to your collection at a bargainous £1. Above are some of the worst ones – most are not quite this bad.

Limited Edition Glitter Ghost Brooches

There will also be a tiny handful of Glitter Ghosts! Just 6 in fact. These were officially retired but they fit in the empty areas of my Snowflake ornaments so there may be more later.

All these ghosts will be available at 5pm BST tomorrow, Saturday 22nd and only in my shop. The listings for pins and Glitter Ghosts are already visible but sold out – I will add stock tomorrow.

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