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2017 Calendar Posters, Mugs & More

My calendar designs have been pretty popular on-demand this year so I’ve now updated all of my designs to 2017.

2017 calendar - redbubble

You can buy posters and prints from both Society6 and Redbubble, even ready to hang in a frame or as a gallery board.

2017 calendar spiral notebooks at Redbubble

A calendar notebook would be pretty handy for a bullet journal. There are spiral bound notebooks at Redbubble (and stickers to slap on a plain notebook) and perfect bound notebooks at Society6. Both are available lined and blank to suit you.

2017 calendar notebooks at Society6

I was in two minds about the mugs. I bought one last year and enjoyed using it but what do I do with it now? Of all years, I don’t want a constant reminder of 2016 in my home. I’ve made them anyway so hopefully 2017 will be less disastrous for humanity. You can get them at both Society6 & Redbubble.

2017 calendar mugs at Society

Remember to look out for offers before you buy. Today there’s 15% off all wall art + free shipping worldwide on everything at Society6!

PS. I totally forgot to order postcards and magnets for my shop this year, but they are arriving this week.

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