New Products Week: Birthday Calendars

Birthday Calendar

Birthday calendars were one of my most popular products a few years ago and I still get a lot of requests for them. My printers stopped making that size and I never got around to redesigning them for another format, but thankfully I noticed they were available again.

birthday calendar

If you’ve never heard of a birthday calendar, it’s a calendar you use every year to keep note of birthdays, anniversaries and other annual events. I have mine hanging in the kitchen so I’m reminded whenever I need to send someone a card or gift. It’s a lot cuter than a notification on your phone and all the family can use it.

Birthday Calendar

I’ve also updated the design a little so there’s more room for names and some cute new characters too!

Birthday calendars cost just £8 and while shipping isn’t the cheapest due to their size, they do come in a special envelope and you’ll never have to buy one again. They also make great snarky gifts for family members that forget your birthday, according to certain gift note requests with previous orders!

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