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Penny Black Christmas Window

Making some extra large cookies this weekend for @pennyblackgla!

You may remember I designed a logo and signage last year for Penny Black, a post office, gift shop and cafe in Glasgow run by friends of mine. They asked me to do their Christmas window decorations this year and obviously I said yes!

penny black

My idea was to make giant paper cuts of my cookie characters and this was my first quick mockup. Things changed quite a lot though, mostly because I couldn’t get the right card at A2 size so had to make them smaller. I also ended up having to do it all over a weekend.

Oops! Making all these cookies is hungry work 😬

Each character was made from pieces of card glued together, some cut by hand and others with my beloved paper cutting machine.

Is it too early for Christmas pudding?

I made a Christmas pudding to go in the cafe window and it turned out so cute! I might have to make some normal sized ones to sell next year.

Paper cut letters for Penny Black

For the Post Office I made envelopes. Royal Mail’s official address for Santa is a bit unbelievable. Reindeerland?

Paper cut stamps for Penny Black

I even made the stamps because I am crazy. They were my favourite bit though.

Paper cut Gift Bag for Penny Black

I had planned to make happy presents but it somehow turned into a gift bag, which I find hilarious for some reason. Making the gift tags was almost a step too far late on Sunday night but I knew it would be the perfect finishing touch. You can make some yourself with my Mini Cards free printable.

Sorry for the lack of updates - we had some issues. Here's the view from behind the Charing Cross window for now.

After all that, I then had to install them, which didn’t go quite to plan but I did manage to do the smaller Charing Cross branch myself.

Decorations ready for hanging

The main branch took three of us after closing time.

penny black

It’s tricky to get photos but they look pretty cute! If you’re in Glasgow before Christmas, pop by Penny Black and have a look.

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