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Snowflake Ornaments are Back!

snowflake ornaments

I’m really happy to have my Snowflake ornaments back in stock for Christmas and with two fun new finishes too.

Holographic Glitter Snowflake ornaments

The Holographic Glitter Snowflakes are packed full of super sparkly glitter that reflects all different colours.

Silver Shimmer Snowflake ornaments

The Silver Shimmer Snowflakes are made from a pearlescent silver acrylic that catches the light beautifully and makes them look all sparkly like fresh snow.

The cute little shipping boxes arrived for my snowflake ornaments ❄️📦❄️ These will finally be available tomorrow I think!

I’ve designed some cute packaging for them, plus they ship in a special little box to prevent breakages. You can even store them in the box after Christmas to keep them safe.

Snowflake ornaments

You can pick them all up in my shop for £8 each. Which one will you choose?

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